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Mindfulness is a critical skill needed in today’s busy world.  Increasing leadership/achievement and well-being are two of the most common areas that organizations want to address. Optimistic Brain is committed to providing the best Mindfulness based continuing education programs possible and this guide will help you plan and roll out an effective Mindfulness Culture Change in your organization.

Gone are the days when organizations can roll out one training course and expect it to stick with the employees.  These days effective skills based training programs encompass more that just a course.  They embrace on-going learning, community support and a complete commitment to the goals.

All of our 4 Steps to Balance™ programs draw upon the latest findings in the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience and Mindfulness in order to foster the necessary competencies.  These are programs that at their core teach the competencies of Mindfulness + Emotional Intelligence (EI) + Optimistic Re-Framing.  We call this Beyond Emotional Intelligence because Mindfulness and Optimistic Re-Framing allow for a more practical and skills-based approach to increasing the skills and competencies laid out in Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Framework (2017); Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Management.  From here participants can apply those skills in the areas of increasing well-being, stress reduction and improving resiliency and/or the areas of engaging leadership, teamwork and achievement.

7 Steps to Mindful Success™

In addition Optimistic Brain focuses on helping organizations create a Mindful Culture by incorporating a 7 step multi-pronged approach.  Our 7 Steps to Success™ program includes the following:

  1. Live or Virtual Keynote Presentation – Introduction of the new Mindful initiative.
  2. Live or On Demand Core Learning Programs: 4 Steps to Balance™ Approach
  3. Online 28-Day Challenge – Encouraging Practice through Weekly Exercises Suggestions
  4. Access To 90+ Guided Meditation Audio Files – Downloadable to their Mobile Devices
  5. Live or Virtual Meditation Hosting Training – Encouraging On-going Exercise
  6. Live or Virtual Follow-Up Q&A Town Hall – Addressing Challenges
  7. Pre-Post Program Assessments

Once implemented a Mindfulness culture has many benefits not only for the individual but for the organization as well.  Some of these include:

The great news is that everyone can learn to improve.  Mindfulness is a foundational skill that enables all others and that is why all our professional development courses have Mindfulness at their core.  Our courses focus on teaching you our 4 Steps to Balance approach first and THEN bring in other teachings which allow you to APPLY these your skills more effectively in the real world.

Recommended Approach

Companies that have had the most success with introducing and maintaining a mindful culture have taken a holistic multi-pronged approach. The following is an overview of all the components that make up our Mindfulness Based Customer Success Model.

1.  Introduction Keynote Presentation

Holding keynote sessions “lunch and learn” introduces and promotes your mindful initiative and gives people a chance to learn more about the various exercises that will benefit them both personally and professionally. This is a great way to promote and engage participants early and obtain greater buy in.  This is an interactive presentation where students will learn and overview of the program and practice exercises in each of the 4 Steps to Balance™ competency domains; Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Optimistic Re-Framing.


  • Benefits: Introduces Mindfulness Initiative and the 4 Steps to Balance™.
  • Format: Live or virtual
  • Length: 90 Minutes

2.  Core Courses

At the core of our programs are our teacher lead live classes and our on-demand courses. We currently offer 2 self-contained Mindfulness based Professional Development Programs available in either an online or live/virtual format.  These courses contain our 4 Steps to Balance™ approach AND additional content that focus on apply these core skills in the real world;  Building Resiliency, Well-Being and Reducing Stress through Mindfulness and Engaging Leadership, Teamwork and Achievement through Mindfulness

Both programs offer the student with a combination of lectures, self-reflection journaling exercises and mental exercises such as meditations.  Combined they keep the participant engaged and interested. Although live in person teacher-lead modules allow for greater student-teacher interaction, on-demand online programs allow complete flexibility to the participant by offering the following benefits: 

  • Schedule the course whenever is convenient for them.
  • Stop and start at will.
  • Take the course on any device (desktop, tablet and mobile).
  • Take the course in any location.
  • Students can re-visit the content and lectures whenever needed to refresh their knowledge.

We also offer courses on Reducing Bias through Mindfulness, Igniting Creativity and Innovation through Mindfulness and Enhancing Communication through Mindfulness.  These courses are only available in a live instructor lead format currently.

3.  28-Day Challenge

Maintaining a regular meditation practice is key to continuous improvement.  We teach you the WHAT and the HOW and it’s up to participants to practice so they can improve their skills.  The science has shown that it takes approximately 28 days for a habit to take hold. 

Our 28 day challenge is initiated for each participant once they complete their course.  Each week participants will receive an email outlining the exercises to conduct for that week.  Mid-week the participants will be asked to do a reflective journaling exercise to enhance their insight about their Mindfulness journey.  At the end of the 28 days students will have a great foundation of practices and skills to foster improvement going forward.


  • Benefits: Deepens learning and helps a daily practice to become a habit.
  • Location: Online
  • Length: 10 – 20 Minutes Daily

4.  Access to 90+ Guided Meditation Audio Files

Optimistic Brain has created 90+ guided meditation .mp3 files that are designed help the participants improve the various skills taught in the 4 Steps to Balance™ programs.  These meditations can be downloaded and loaded onto any mobile device.  No need to subscribe to a meditation app.


  • Benefits:  Access guided meditations anytime and anyplace on any device. 

5.  Hosted Mindfulness Sessions Training

Hosting and promoting 15 minute mindfulness practices during work hours keeps your mindful initiative moving forward.  This module trains your own people how to host their own Guided Meditation Sessions using our guided meditation.  Hosts are not required to guide the actual meditations but are there to facilitate a group meditation activity and allow for self reflective discussions following the practice if needed.

Hosting regular meditation sessions in the workplace not only helps promote your mindful culture but it re-enforces your organizations commitment by allowing employees the time to practice and it allows your organization to benefit from a community that is focused on well-being and growth.


  • Benefits: Maintains Focus on Mindfulness Initiative, Interactive
  • Location: On-site or Virtually
  • Length: 60 Minutes

6.  Follow-Up Q&A Town Hall

Following up with participants on a monthly basis can really help solidify their commitment to their mindfulness practices.  Town halls are a great place to fine tune ones skills by allowing participants to clarify and receive guidance with any challenges they may have.  This town hall also lets participants gain clarity as to how best to apply their skills in their everyday lives.

All in all, our approach is designed to promote, teach and help maintain mindfulness skills needed to thrive in today’s fast paced ever changing world.


  • Benefits: Interactive, Maintains Focus on Mindfulness Initiative
  • Format: Live or Virtual 
  • Length: 60 Minutes

7.  Pre and Post Program Assessments

Ensuring success requires asking the participants about their experiences. The following checkpoints will be measured:


  • Pre and post assessments of participants level of skills/competencies.
  • What areas did the participants notice improvement?
  • Did the program live up to expectations?
  • Would they recommend the program to fellow employees?

120 Day Plan

An effective Mindfulness strategy takes time and our plan spans approximately 120 days from initial planning, student enrollment to final assessments. 

Let us help you roll out your Mindfulness strategy.

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