4 Steps™ Approach

We help organizations create thriving workplaces and we have developed our own Mindfulness based programs that focus on teaching employees how to acquire the core skill of becoming more emotionally centered.  Centered employees create thriving work places that soar.

We do this by implementing a teaching strategy that focuses on acquiring the competencies of balance, resilience and optimism through our exclusive 4-step approach.  In this program you will learn the skills of:

  • Mindfulness: Being more aware of one’s moment by moment experiences both externally and internally.
  • Compassion: Being kinder and more curious about oneself, others and one’s life as one becomes more aware.
  • Insight: Increasing one’s understanding about one’s own limiting and non-limiting active beliefs. Learning how to dig deeper and fully understand one’s automatic/sub-conscious/pre-conscious active beliefs in greater detail.
  • Optimistic Re-framing: Shifting one’s active beliefs to something more reasonable and balanced.  Shifting one’s active beliefs shifts one’s feelings which in turn triggers more balanced decisions and actions.

Mindfulness is at the core of what we do and it IS the super-skill that enables all other skills. 

From here we teach HOW to apply these skills and competencies in order to enhance the following domains, which align with our 5 course subjects:

Our corporate programs have a multi pronged approach to ensure success.  We call this the 7 Steps to Mindful Success™ approach.  It includes the following:

  • Introductory Presentation:  Start with an Introductory Presentation that promotes your new Mindfulness initiative to your employees.
  • Courses:  Students will then take the various courses – Live or Online.
  • 90+ Meditations:  Students get access to over 90 guided meditation audio files that they can load onto their portable listening devices.
  • 28 Day Challenge:  Upon completion the students will be enrolled into the 28 Day Challenge.  Each week they will conduct different exercises to enable them to create a habit of their practice.
  • Town Hall:  All participants gather together after the 28 Day Challenge in order to talk about their experiences and get some feedback.
  • Meditation Host Training:  We train some of your employees on how to host meditation sessions of their own at work.  This allows the participants to really practice and create a community.
  • Pre-Post Assessments:  We always measure our success.

Improve Well-Being

Ignite Achievement

Find Meaning

Enhance Relationships

Increase Positive Emotions

Increase Engagement

Based On The Latest Science

The 4 Steps To Balance program is a comprehensive program that brings together the latest content from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience and Mindfulness Practices.

From Positive Psychology to Emotional Intelligence to the latest in Contemplative Science we gathered the most effective exercises and teachings and combined them in an easy to follow format.

4 Steps to Balance:  Core Teaching


After the introduction module where we introduce the 4 Steps, teach you how your mind works and how you learn,  we start start your journey forward with this module.  We start with compassion because as we become aware of our experiences and our interpretations of those experiences we may not like what we uncover.  In order to become kinder and gentler to ourselves while we move forward, we need to develop the skill of self-compassion FIRST.  This allows for an open and kind mind to be our foundation.


Becoming more aware is the key to growth.  Paying attention to what is happening around us and within us allows us to start to uncover our beliefs.  These beliefs cause our emotions and those emotions play out in our bodies.

In this module, you will learn many exercises that will help you better understand what is really going on in your life.  We must know where we are in order to move to where we want to be.


Insight is all about knowing how we are interpreting our experiences. Our mind is always making assessments about what is going on around us and within us and it’s important to know what our narrative is.

Our beliefs cause our emotions and if we want to feel more balanced, it’s really important that we understand these beliefs.

In this module we will teach you many practices that will allow you to become more aware of all your beliefs; not just the obvious ones but the hidden ones.

Optimistic Re-Framing

This module will focus on expanding your skills to enable you to re-frame our beliefs to something more balanced and reasonable. When your beliefs are balanced your feelings are balanced. Balanced feelings allow you to make more balanced decisions and actions.

The science tells us that changing your beliefs are possible and we will introduce you to several practices and exercises to help you learn and implement this skill.

Apply the 4 Steps to Balance Approach

Apply the 4 Steps to Balance approach in 5 key areas. These skills and competencies enhance organizational excellence and well-being.

Increasing Resiliency and Well-being through Mindfulness

In our programs you will learn what it takes to bounce back after challenge or change.  You will learn the skills needed to manage your stress levels and increase your overall sense of well-being.

Online Courses

Engaging Leadership, Teamwork and Achievement through Mindfulness

Great leaders engage and ignite success.  They know how to use compassion in order to motivate people to take action and change for the better.  Learn how to apply Mindful Leadership skills in your life as a leader.

Online Courses

Enhancing Communication through Mindfulness

Communication is fast becoming a lost art.  We are distracted and much of the time we do not listen.  We are not in-tune to the needs of others and as a result may not know how to communicate effectively to them.  To good news is that Mindful Communication is a trainable skill.

Unleashing Creativity and Innovation through Mindfulness

Openness allows inspiration to blossom and grow.  We do not allow ourselves to think out of the box and when we do we pre-maturely judge what comes up.  We can teach you how to increase your creativity in order to gain that creative advantage.

Reducing Bias and Increasing Inclusion through Mindfulness

We are always making assumptions about ourselves, others and our experiences.  Those assumptions may be inaccurate and the 4 Steps to Balance approach allows us to be more aware of these false narratives.  Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight allows us to counter our automatic biases and become more balanced in our decisions and actions.


John was awesome! His teachings were extremely insightful and motivated me to learn more! His unique approach to Mindfulness was truly inspirational.

Christine C


I enrolled in one of John’s mindfulness courses and it had such a positive impact on my approach to work. I use the tools he taught regularly and.my meetings have more authentic participation and we get more done! Personally, I feel more grounded as I listen more and talk less so I get the best solutions from my team.  I highly recommend any professional take a mindfulness course with Optimistic Brain.

Lorie F

Manager of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

WOW!   Building Balance and Reducing Stress through Mindfulness delivers!  This course provides, not only the skills to assist with recovery when circumstances put you off balance, but gives you the insight and tools to manage daily challenges with awareness.  FABULOUS!


Senior Director, Medical Clinic Development

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