Increasing Self-Awareness

The following set of Meditation practices help us to increase our self-awareness.

Increasing our self-awareness allows us to better understand our stories/beliefs.  Our beliefs create our emotions and these emotions play out in our bodies.  If we want to shift our emotions to something more Optimistic then we need to shift our stories/beliefs.  Knowing our current stories/beliefs is the key to changing them.

These meditations will help us uncover our beliefs that are not so obvious.

Basic Skills Learned:

  • Present moment focused attention.
  • Accepting what IS with non-judgement.
  • Starting over is OK.
  • Practicing being kind and curious to our selves and our experiences.

Extended Skills Learned (based on different types of practices):

  • Understanding our beliefs, love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, positive focus, optimistic re-framing of our stories, empathy etc…


Inspiration Meditation – 15 Minutes

Inspiration Meditation – 15 Minutes

Many times we can get stuck trying to understand what is really happening around us and within us. We loose sight of the meaning of our experiences and we get lost. This meditation helps us take a breather and listen for inner guidance.

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