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A little information about who we are and who founded the company.

John Windisman

John Windisman

Founder: Optimistic Brain Inc.

My goal is to bring Mindfulness practices into the workplace by developing best in class Mindfulness based professional development programs. 

Mindfulness is a proven way of approaching life’s experiences which incorporates meditations as well as other exercises. It allows oneself to experience life through a conscious awareness of one’s own thoughts, emotions and body sensations in an open and non-judgmental manner. Mindfulness has been proven to help with increasing focus and concentration, reducing stress, increase empathy and emotional intelligence, reducing anxiety and depression, increasing mental resilience, increase overall health and wellness etc…  Ultimately Mindfulness is the necessary skill that allows us to gain more balance in our day to day lives. When you implement a Mindfulness strategy and shift your workplace culture, you increase focus, productivity, reduce sick days and improve the way you interact with each other and your customers.

I have been conducting my own Mindfulness practices since 2005 and have personally seen how useful these skills are in both my personal and professional life. My approach to Mindfulness is very practical.

My presentation skills are in high demand. I regularly travel around the world in order to train diverse teams such as customer care teams, sales/marketing teams as well as engineering teams.

I also conduct 1:1 coaching sessions for high achieving individuals who are looking for insight into what makes them tick and how to unlock the drive and determination to succeed and be happy.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree form the prestigious University of Waterloo as well as my applied Mindfulness Meditation Certification from the University of Toronto. I am also a Certified Teacher for the Search Inside Yourself Program that was originally developed at Google and has been rolled out to hundreds of companies worldwide.

If you are interested in learning more please send me an email and will be happy to talk about how we can help.

Bachelor of Science Degree


Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certification


Certified Teacher


Optimistic Brain Certified Teacher

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