Increasing Focus Meditations

The following are a collection of Meditations to help increase focus.  There are 2 types of focus.  One is focusing on one thing; generally the breath or emotions or body etc…  This is called Focused Attention.  The other type of focus is called Open Awareness and it trains us pay attention to whatever arises.  To be open and allowing to whatever is happening.  Each has it’s usefulness.  It’s like the difference between cardio and strength training.  Both increase your fitness level but are different skills. 

Focused Attention is generally used for tasks that require you focusing on one thing.  For example you are writing an email or studying.  Open Awareness is useful when you need that broad awareness capability.  For example when you are looking after your children you need to be aware of your entire surroundings along with your child.

Practice both and you will see how each applies to your own life experiences.

Basic Skills Learned:

  • Present moment focused attention.
  • Accepting what IS with non-judgement.
  • Starting over is OK.
  • Practicing being kind and curious to our selves and our experiences.
Breath Meditation – 15 Minutes

Breath Meditation – 15 Minutes

This is a traditional meditation that teaches us present moment focus. We learn to focus on our breath and when our mind wanders off we gently guide it back to our breath.

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