Releasing Negative Beliefs Meditation – 10 Minutes

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Negative stories up show up often.  Being aware of them as they come up allows us to observe them and release them.  This meditation helps practice this skill.

This meditation is a visualization meditation that asks us to picture our negative thoughts and gently let them go.  We are not pushing them away but rather we are distancing ourselves from them in that we remind ourselves that they are not necessarily “true”.

The more we practice this releasing skill the easier we can release these troublesome stories as “inaccurate”.  We also see these stories as just passing thoughts and this helps as well.  There is an old song by the group “The Temptations” and a line in that song says “It’s just my imagination, running away from me…”.

Keep in mind that we cannot prevent any thoughts from arising but we can choose to not believe them wholeheartedly.

Micro Practice:  Follow these 3 breathing steps…

  1. Breathe and be present in with your breath.
  2. Breathe and observe your negative thoughts.
  3. Breathe and notice the exaggeration in them.

Enjoy your day!

Releasing Negative Beliefs Meditation - 10 Minutes

by John Windisman | Optimistic Brain Meditations