Inspiration Meditation – 10 Minutes

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Many times we can get stuck trying to understand what is really happening around us and within us.  We loose sight of the meaning of our experiences and we get lost.  This meditation helps us take a breather and listen for inner guidance.

Perhaps you are stuck trying to solve something.  Perhaps you are in need of some creative inspiration.  Perhaps you are wondering what your next step may be in life.  This meditation allows us to sit and just listen to our inner voice.

These days we are so busy that we hardly ever spend the time to just listen and this Meditation allows us that luxury.

Micro Practice:  Take this 3 step practice into your everyday life…

  1. Breathe and be present with your breath.
  2. Breathe and ask yourself “What do I need to know right now?”
  3. Breathe and just listen.

Enjoy your day!

Inspiration Meditation - 10 Minutes

by John Windisman | Optimistic Brain Meditations