This emotions meditation teaches us present moment focus and awareness of our emotions.  Emotions are complex.  Many times we are not experiencing just one emotion.  We are usually experiencing a number of emotions at any given moment.  When we are angry for example we may also be experiencing frustration and/or jealousy and/or we may be feeling guilty etc…  Our emotions are a state of mind that are created from our active beliefs/stories that are swirling around in our brains.  The stories may be conscious or sub-conscious.

Therefore we use our emotions to understand our underlying stories.  This meditation allows us to observe our emotions and just note them.  We take an observer stance of curiosity and kindness.  We see our emotions as an experience and that experience is passing.  We use our observed emotions as data which sheds some light as to what our active stories really are.

MICRO PRACTICE:  In our everyday lives we use what we have learned with this meditation by doing the following 3 steps…

  1. Breathe to center our selves on our present moment experience and create some space.
  2. Breathe to observe our present moment emotions; note what you can observe.
  3. Breathe to allow all emotions to just be; create some more space.

Enjoy Your Day!

Emotions Meditation - 15 Minutes

by John Windisman | Optimistic Brain Meditations