Search Inside Yourself is now Available in Canada!

In-Person or Virtually

The world-famous Mindfulness + Emotional Intelligence + Compassionate Leadership program that was originally developed at Google is now available in Canada.

Unlock Your Full Potential

How do the best leaders manage change, stay resilient, and inspire growth?

Developed at Google by leading experts in neuroscience, business, and psychology, we teach you the practical mindful leadership and emotional intelligence tools to bring out your best.

What began as a mindful leadership initiative within Google has spread to over 30 countries and 100 cities around the world.

Our training has been proven to: reduce stress, improve focus, raise peak performance, and improve interpersonal relationships.

We offer a range of Search Inside Yourself (SIY) programs, including:

  • SIY for Individuals
  • SIY for Organizations




Backed by world experts in neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, Search Inside Yourself has already changed thousands of lives.

The Search Inside Yourself Journey

Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is delivered as a two day, 4 half day or 8 week program and is facilitated by two certified teachers.  Pre and post assessments are an integral part of the SIY program.

To support participants to embody the course content, the program is followed by a 28-day challenge.  Participants are paired up with a buddy in order to encourage each other to continue their practices and exercises.

The program is officially brought to a close with a cap-stone seminar.

What You Can Achieve

Reduced Stress

Search Inside Yourself participants reported less emotional drain after the program.

Improved Leadership

Participants were better able to maintain calm and poise during challenges.

Enhanced Performance

Search Inside Yourself participants reported a greater ability to focus and be more effective.


SIY (Google’s Search Inside Yourself training) armed me with additional tools to people manage, project manage, and regain focus. John led our class with both skill and passion. Highly Recommended: A+

Mark R


I was privileged to have the opportunity to participate in the Search Inside Yourself two-day experience. John is a masterful mindfulness teacher and an inspired facilitator whose combination of subject-matter expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm brought the concepts and practices to life in a very real and meaningful way. I benefited from the content [ideas, examples, research findings and hands-on practice] however I was most impressed by John’s unique ability to move and motivate me for the better  – from the inside out. 

Tricia B

Executive Director

Some Search Inside Yourself Clients

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