Embrace A Positive Experience Meditation – 20 Minutes

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Our minds naturally gravitate to what is negative around us.  In our distant past, we had to be aware of the dangers around us in order to stay out of trouble and survive.  These days we do not have to be so diligent about scanning for danger.  As a result this outdated negative posture may impact how we observe our experiences.

Focusing on our positive experiences and relishing our accomplishments allows us to build an optimistic outlook about ourselves and our lives.  Recognizing our skills and our abilities in order to handle what comes our way builds trust.  Trust is the antidote to our fears and insecurities so increasing trust shifts our emotions toward a more positive stance.

The science of neuroplasticity tells us that what we focus on and pay attention to changes the function and structure of our brains.  Therefore the more we practice a conscious positive stance the more automatic it becomes.

Micro Practice:  Follow these 3 breathing steps…

  1. Breathe and be present in with your breath.
  2. Breathe and notice 3 good things around you.
  3. Breathe and remind yourself that many good things are around you.

Enjoy your day!

Embrace A Positive Experience Meditation - 20 Minutes

by John Windisman | Optimistic Brain Meditations