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Self-Management is one of the competencies of competencies of the Emotional Intelligence Framework.  Once you become more self-aware you can then use this information to manage how you approach yourself and your life.   Your active beliefs cause your emotions and they play out in your body.  All together your beliefs, emotions and body sensations make up your feelings.  It’s always your feelings that influence your decisions and actions.  

When we talk about self-management we are really talking about managing your beliefs because they trigger everything else.  If you want to act better you must make better decisions.  To make better decisions you have to feel better about yourself and your skills.  The only way to shift how you feel you must address the beliefs you have about yourself and your experiences.  

Shifting your beliefs is a trainable skill and therefore by inference your ability to better self-manage yourself is attainable.  

Improving how you manage yourself and your approach to your life has many side effects.  Your drive and motivation improves, your relationships get better and your are really able to not only feel better but are able to achieve whatever goals you want.