Find out what the #1 trait is to becoming a GREAT leader and the 5 steps you need to take to get there.

The workplace is changing and leaders need to change to meet the needs of their stakeholders;  employees, cuppliers, shareholders and most importantly their customers. 

The numbers may surprise you:

  • Employees are STRESSED:  76% of professional say they experience uncomfortable levels of stress.
  • Employees are DISENGAGED:  66% of employees just show up for the paycheck and do not give it “their all” at work.
  • Employees want a BETTER WORKPLACE:  59% of employees say that if they are in a thriving workplace they are less likely to leave.

So, how exactly do we combat these issues? By building a centered and thriving workplace that enables long term sustainable achievement through the science and practice of Mindfulness.

Our 4 Steps to Balance™ approach which at its core teaches the skills of Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Optimistic Re-Framing, give you that stable platform that allows you to become that great leader.  Daniel Goleman who wrote the book Emotional Intelligence at Work says emotional regulation is a key ingredient determines the success of great leader.  Balance gives you that emotionally stable platform where by you can SOAR.  Balance enables clarity of thought, purposeful and positive decision making and fosters a supportive mindset.

Are you interested in igniting success within yourself and your organization?

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