Sleep Aid – Breath Meditation – 15 Minutes

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Note:  This meditation has been altered from it’s original format.  We removed the ending GONG which will no longer wake you up when you want to use this meditation to help fall asleep.

This is a traditional meditation that teaches us present moment focus.  We learn to focus on our breath and when our mind wanders off we gently guide it back to our breath.  Our minds will always wander and the joy in this meditation lies in us noticing when it wanders; not prevent it from ever wandering.   This meditation is a great one to start with.

MICRO PRACTICE:   In our everyday lives we use what we have learned with this meditation by noticing when our mind is not in the present moment and then take 3 breaths…

  1. Breathe to center our selves on our breath.
  2. Breathe to center ourselves in the present moment and in our bodies.
  3. Breathe to start again in the present moment and observe what is around you.

Enjoy Your Day!

Sleep Aid - Breath Meditation - 15 Minutes

by John Windisman | Optimistic Brain Meditations