Many people not only focus on thoughts and body sensations as they Meditate, but many people also focus by way of reciting Mantras.

Mantras are sayings that you recite over and over again while you meditate.  They are positive statements identical to Affirmations, Counter Points or Gratitude Statements . Reciting Mantras are a proven way to retrain your thinking and change your beliefs to thoughts that are positive in nature. Feel free to use your own custom Affirmations, Counter Points or Gratitude Statements (targeting your specific negative thinking) as Mantras and recite them slowly over and over again. Breathe between each statement and don’t rush – be gentle and patient. FEEL each word as you recite your Mantra statements. Work slowly up the Optimistic ladder over time.

Neuroscience tells us that what we focus on and pay attention to changes the function and structure of our brains. Saying affirming Mantras changes the areas of the brain associated with the positive feelings, affiliation etc…  When this happens our thinking starts to change and become more automatic. Our negative stories start to diminish and our positive outlooks become dominant more often.

Give it a try!