Your Inner Child

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Talking to Your Inner Child is another way to reprogram your brain to generate optimistic thoughts about yourself.  It is generally believed that we have low self esteem and thus generate negative thinking because of circumstances that have happened to us as a child.  Perhaps you were picked on at school or your parents were not the most supportive etc…  What ever reason or situation that caused your negative beliefs is now over and in the past.  You can reprogram your brain to think/believe differently from now on.

As with all the exercises it’s important to recognize your negative thinking.  What are the beliefs that you are still carrying around with you that are causing you to feel so badly?  If they originated from when you were young then talking to your inner child in order to heal that child is a great way to fix a past hurt.

Talking to your inner child allows you to talk to yourself as a child (now that you are an adult) so as to reprogram any negative thoughts that may have been placed there when you were young.  In this exercise, you talk to yourself in a supportive manner and say the things to your inner child that you wish you would have heard when you were that child.

One way of accomplishing this is to stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself some positive affirmations that you wanted to hear as a child or find a picture of yourself as a child while saying your supportive statements.  Use Affirmations, Counter Points or Gratitude Statements as supporting statements to say to yourself.

Just like with any exercise you must do them on a regular basis.  With a little amount of training you can accomplish great things.