Mirror Work and Exercises

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Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself in the eye.  Do you look away?  Do you immediately start judging yourself? Do you feel self-conscious about paying attention to yourself?  Many of us do all these things.  This is your indication that some of your negative thinking is automatically generated and you can start to change this.

The first thing you must do is STOP talking to yourself in a negative manner every time you see your reflection.  When you find yourself doing just that – look back at your reflection and APOLOGIZE to yourself for saying such negative things.  If you insulted a friend every time you saw them you would definitely stop doing that and apologize to them if you want to remain friends.  Do it to yourself as well!!

Now that you are not insulting yourself every time you see yourself you can now start injecting some friendly Optimistic statements into your inner dialogue. It has been said by many that our negative thoughts about ourselves were taught to us by what people have said to us long ago and you can undo this by replacing this past negative chatter with new chatter.

So, what do you say to yourself?  Anything that you want so long as its positive!

You can use Counter Pointing, Being Grateful, Talk To Your Inner Child, Affirmations etc…  Any statements that are positive will be enhanced when you say them to yourself in front of a mirror.

Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself in the eye and start saying some comforting things.  Do not look away and just be gentle and compassionate.

Do this exercise often and daily.  Regular training is the key to making any technique work for you.  Athletes train every day and so should you!