Gratitude Meditation – 10 Minutes

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Being Grateful is a great way to look at your life in a positive manner.  Everyone has many things to be grateful for.  When you find yourself feeling down you are focusing on the negative.  You are generating active negative thoughts which are causing you to feel badly. This is your signal to focus on something different.

Many times we enter a room and immediately scan for all the negative things around.  It’s something what has been with us since the beginning of time.  In the distant past, humans needed to scan their surroundings for danger. It was something that was necessary but in today’s world we live in an environment that we no longer need to be so diligent in our search for danger.  We can afford to relax and just be instead of worrying that some lion will jump out of the bushes and hunt us down. 

Unfortunately we still conduct this negative scanning and processing.  There will always be something that you are not happy with in your surroundings, just like there will always be something that you like about your surroundings.  It’s your choice what you want to focus on!

The more we consciously focus on what is good the easier it becomes because neural science tells us that what we focus on and pay attention to, changes the function and structure of our brains.

MICRO PRACTICE:  In our everyday lives when ever you enter a new space (room or building or open space etc…) take these 3 breaths…

  1. Breathe and be present with your breath.
  2. Breathe and be grateful for one thing.
  3. Breathe and remain present in your body.

Have a great day!

Gratitude Meditation - 10 Minutes

by John Windisman | Optimistic Brain Meditations