Relationship/Social Management

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Relationship Management is one of the competencies of competencies of the Emotional Intelligence Framework.  Once you become more self-aware you can then use this information to manage how you approach yourself and your life.   Your active beliefs cause your emotions and they play out in your body.  All together your beliefs, emotions and body sensations make up your feelings.  It’s always your feelings that influence your decisions and actions.  

When we talk about social-management we are really talking about how we manage how we interact with others.  Mindfulness and Optimistic Re-Framing allow us to be aware of our beliefs about ourselves, others and our shared experiences.  Optimistic Re-Framing allows us to shift those beliefs to something more balances and reasonable.  This allows us to be more compassionate, empathetic and open with ourselves and others.  The great news is that these are all trainable skills.

Our 4 Steps to Balance™ approach teaches you the skills and competencies necessary to enable the Emotional Intelligence competencies.  Check out our online courses that go beyond the traditional Emotional Intelligence program.