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Once we become more aware of what is happening around us by using our various Mindfulness and Insight practices we can then start to unravel the stories that we tell ourselves about our experiences.

Our minds are constantly making assessments and judgement about what is happening around us as within us.  We interpret what is happening and assess our experiences for danger, joy, hardship, ease etc…  We also interpret our experiences in relation to ourselves and what they mean to us and how they may or may not define us.  It matter that we really understand these interpretations and assessments as these beliefs generate our emotional states at any given time.  These emotions cause our body to react.  When we combine our stories/beliefs, emotions and body sensations we get a FEELING.  Feelings drive our decision making and those decisions determine our actions.

If our goal is to bring more balance into our lives then we must fully understand the stories/beliefs that we tell ourselves in order to shift them to something more balanced.  We may be exaggerating our interpretations of what is happening and thus we have exaggerated emotions and body sensations.  When we notice what is happening around us and within us (Mindfulness) and then understand with clarity our stories and interpretations of our experiences (self-awareness) we can then examine them for truth and accuracy.

Self awareness is all about knowing where we are at NOW at any given moment.  What is happening and what are we telling ourselves about what is happening.  Only after we know where we ARE can we move in a different direction (if we want to).

Finally self awareness allows you to better understand what really drives and motivates you.  With increased self-awareness you are better able to know and understand your inner passions that will give meaning and purpose to your life.  This is your north start and can guide you to a life of well-being.