Mindful and Compassionate Leadership

by | Stuff To Read

Leadership has many facets.  If you trim down many drivers to great leadership you can rest on 3 main levers:

  • Trust
  • Vision
  • Meaning

Trust is essential and must go both ways.  Not only does the rank and file have to trust it’s leadership but the leadership must trust the rank and file.  There are many ways to develop this trust.  It essentially comes down to understanding the needs of the other and demonstrating a commitment in meeting those needs.

Vision is the second ingredient needed with developing great leadership.  Having a clear vision is important but it’s equally important to communicate that vision in order to get buy in.

Meaning is the final lever that drives great leadership.  This perhaps is the most difficult to consolidate.  A vision that does not resonate with mean is hollow.  Meaning that has not end game (vision / goal)  is equally empty.  

Developing these traits is doable and it just takes some skills and exercise.  

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