How Our Brain Works

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Thoughts/beliefs create our emotions…

We have many thoughts that pop into our head and not all of them create our emotions.  Some thoughts are generated and we dismiss them as false or not necessary at that moment.  Other thoughts are generated and based on our past experiences we believe them to be true.  These believed thoughts will always trigger an emotional response.

Actions are ALWAYS taken to move us to a better feeling state…

If we have positive feelings/emotions our actions (which includes our body’s re-actions) will be taken to move us to a better feeling state.  If we have a negative feeling/emotion then this will trigger us to act in a manner that (we think) will make us feel better.

These actions may be conscious deliberate actions, subconscious re-actions and/or physical re-actions that manifest in your body.  Perhaps you are depressed and you need to drink alcohol to soothe a negative feeling. Perhaps you are happy being with friends so you extend your visit. Perhaps you are scared of spiders and when you see one, your heart starts to race and you step backwards. Without exception, EVERY action/re-action that is taken, is a direct response to the thoughts/beliefs in your brain at that very moment.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Emotions – Change Your Actions

If you want to change your actions you MUST start with changing your thoughts/beliefs first!  More precisely you must change your beliefs surrounding that particular situation that is causing your discomfort.  When you change your beliefs you change the feelings they generate and thus you change your actions.  When you feel better you stop feeling the need to numb yourself or soothe yourself (your drinking or over eating will lessen).  When you level of trust in yourself increases, your fears lessens and you act bolder and more confident.  When your love of yourself strengthens you treat yourself better.  When your self compassion increases your compassion for others increases as well and thus act more compassionately with patience and kindness. It ALL stems from what you believe to be true – about yourself – about your life.

Can we change?

Rest assured that WE CAN CHANGE!!  We learn new things all the time; we learn how to cook something new, we learn someone’s name, you learn new skills all the time.

An Optimistic Brain is a brain that generates positive beliefs/thoughts which in turn causes you to feel positive feelings/emotions. These positive emotions enable you and your body to act in a positive way.  The possibilities of actions that will become open to you will be much greater because you will no longer count yourself out.  These paths that you now can take were always there and were always plentiful – you just did not see them because of your limiting negative beliefs.

Your NEW Optimistic Brain will allow you to see all your life’s possibilities and in turn will motivate you to choose the actions that will lead you to achieve all that your heart desires!

I have listed many practical exercises on this website that you can do on a regular basis.  They are easy to do.  They do not take that much time.  They work!  Just like an athlete changes his/her exercises up on a regular basis you will want to do different exercises depending on the progress you are making.  Changing them up is a GREAT idea and it is encouraged.

If you are diligent in practicing these exercises, you will be in control your own life.  You will be in control of your own happiness.  You will be responsible for your own destiny.  You will be the one that chooses paths that are fun and fulfilling.  You will see all the options that are open to you.  The only thing you have to do is to retrain your brain to become an Optimistic Brain and the rest will take care of itself through renewed self motivation and drive.  It is not magic.  It is based in scientific fact and experience.  You are just beginning to open your eyes to the world of possibilities that have been there all along.   That is the real secret!