Benefits of Mindfulness

by | Stuff To Read

There are many benefits to practicing being more Mindful.  Here are some highlights…

Focus Increases

Learning to increase present moment awareness allows us to gently guide the mind back to what the intention of the moment is thus increasing focus.  Extended focus is called concentration.

Creativity Increases

When awareness of our limiting stories about our abilities and ideas increases we are then able to manage our perceived limitations.  When this negative chatter is diffused it allows us to be free with ideas, experiment and think “outside the box”.

Empathy Increases

When understanding of ourselves increases we gain greater insight about the people around us.  We are better able to understand not just how the people around us may feel but WHY they feel this way.   This insight allows us to become tuned in with actual needs for ourselves and others thus granting us the opportunity to better align our personal objectives with them.

Compassion and Understanding Increases

When compassion and understanding increases we free ourselves up from the “blame game”.  In this way failure is looked upon as just feedback and this mindset allows us to be free to try new things and be more helpful.

Stress Decreases

When we start being proactive and managing our beliefs we effectively manage stress more productively.  Stress is just a manifestation of our inner fears.  When we gain trust in ourselves our fears lessen and we see challenges as opportunities. This opens us up, both individually and collectively, to larger goals and aspirations.

Physical Wellness Increases

Our minds have a huge impact on our physical well-being.  Improving our mind-wellness results in overall improvements in physical health.

Patience Increases

We learn to accept what is and what is needed in order to move forward in a positive direction.  This is the definition of being patient.

Resiliency Increases

Becoming resilient means we bounce back from adversity or set-backs. We view set-backs as learning experiences and feedback as opposed to failure.  Mindfulness allows us to be aware of the negative chatter when adverse situations present themselves.  We learn to assess our thinking and beliefs more objectively and not judge ourselves as bad when adversity happens.  We learn to put the past behind us through acceptance and focus on the present moment moving forward and starting over.

Productivity Increases

All of the positive gains resulting from Mindfulness practices together make huge positive impacts on our personal productivity and efficiency.  We can accomplish way more than we initially thought because we have to tools to guide our thinking into a positive direction.  When we struggle less our energy levels remain stable, which allows us to go the distance.