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What’s In The App

Cross-Train Your Brain

Cross-train your brain with our complete selection of exercises that allows you to learn and grow.  Don’t get bored with the same practices.  Harness the power of daily practice.

  • 100+ Meditation Exercises – From 5 to 30 Minutes
  • 25+ Micro Exercises- 3 Breath Practices
  • 35+ Journaling Exercises
  • 20+ Affirmation Exercises
  • 20+ Mirror Exercises
  • 20+ Younger Self Exercises
  • 8+ Visualization Exercises
  • Many Real World Exercises


Guided Learning Programs

If you want a more structured program to follow we have got you covered.  Start with our 28-day core 4Steps™ teaching program and follow it up with some add-on programs that help you apply your skills in certain areas.  Reduce stress and anxiety, improve well-being, build confidence, manage tinnitus, manage physical pain etc…


  • Goal-Oriented Programs
  • Guided Daily Lessons and Practices
  • Weekly Reflections Reinforce Progress
  • Content is released on a day-by-day basis to keep you on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to create an account to access the content on the APP?

In order to give you access to all the premium content, we need to know who you are.  Rest assured we will never sell your data to anyone.  We simply want to make the best app possible.

How can I tell what content is FREE and what I have to pay for?

All content in the “Organizational User” section is included in your organization’s access.  You should never be asked to “subscribe” for anything when in this section. Most pages in this section are a light green colour.

I switched devices. Will I still have access?

Yes, your email address is your username.  It’s that name that has access to the premium content.  You can simply use your email address and password on your new device and you will have access to all the content again.

My Optimistic Brain user account no longer has access to the premium content. What happened?

If you have NOT been granted access to the organizational user section then you will get a message saying this content is restricted.  This happens if your registration did not successfully get provisioned OR your organization no longer is paying for your access. 

Can I purchase premium access after my organization access expires?

Yes, you can.  Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and give us the details.

Where can I get support for the app?

The app is very simple to use.  If however, you need support please fill in the form below.

Any questions or problems? Send us a message.