Mindfulness and Human Resources Professionals

Forward thinking companies are looking for innovative ways to enhance organizational excellence and well-being. Each of these programs allows your employees to gain the skills and competencies necessary to excel in today’s ever changing business environment.

Why is Mindfulness essential for HR professionals?

Life is stressful and Human Resources (HR) professionals are no exception.  The American Institute for Stress (yes there is such an organization) has done some research and they have concluded that approximately 80% of American workers say that their main cause of stress is work related.  Half the workers said they need help in learning how to manage stress better.

Let’s face it, many tasks in the HR profession are geared to focus on the negative.  Many times you get caught in the middle between trying to help the employees and your obligation to serve the organization.  HR professions require competencies that span a wide range of skills from emotional intelligence to analytical and problem solving to effectively communicating etc.  This can be overwhelming and learning how to balance everything can be very stressful.

Why Mindfulness?

Our minds are really good at scanning and looking for danger:  physical, social, financial danger etc…  When danger is perceived our focus is locked onto that experience or situation.  This is really helpful in some instances but when we are not aware of what our mind is doing it can hijack our focus and remain focused on dangers that do not really exist.  Being Mindful is all about becoming more aware of what is happening around us AND within us (in our minds and bodies) do we can then consciously decide to act in a manner that may be more helpful and productive versus reacting to a situation or experience automatically.  This awareness or Mindfulness allows us to then take charge of our lives and move in a direction we want to move into as opposed to just getting caught up in a negative emotional state.

Taking a Different Approach

We all want to succeed and achieve and unfortunately many professionals still believe that  being tough and pushing themselves and/or others around is the only way they can “make things happens” and “achieve success”.  They want to “make it to the top” and being tough is the only way.  The science tells us this is simply not true.  This approach is damaging both physically and mentally and results in high levels of anxiety, depression, stress and physical illness.  The good news is that the latest findings in the fields of Psychology and Neuroscience are show us a different approach; a Mindful and Compassionate approach.

Our 4 Steps to Balance programs are designed to help professionals better deal with the challenges of their day to day work lives through Mindfulness.  Becoming more balanced and resilient then allows us to have that stable platform from where we can then move in any direction we choose with greater ease and less stress.  We actually achieve more and are better able to direct our lives in the direction that we want.

In a nut shell Mindfulness has been scientifically shown to have many benefits not the least of which are:

The great news is that everyone can learn to improve.  Mindfulness is a foundational skill that enables all others and that is why all our professional development courses have Mindfulness at their core.  Our courses focus on teaching you the 4 Steps to Balance approach FIRST and THEN bring in other approaches which allow you to APPLY these other skills more effectively in the real world.

Online Courses

HR professionals are very busy and time is money.  That is why we developed a series of online programs that you can take which allows you the flexibility of learning at your own pace, on your schedule and wherever you want to be. 

In addition, with practice you become more skilled and online courses are a great way to refresh your learning as you need to; weeks or months from now.

Increasing Resiliency and Well-being through Mindfulness

In our programs you will learn what it takes to bounce back after challenge or change by implementing our 4 Steps to Balance™ approach.  You will learn the skills needed to manage your stress levels and increase your overall sense of well-being.

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Mastering Leadership, Teamwork and Achievement through Mindfulness

Great leaders engage and foster achievement.  They know how to use compassion in order to motivate people to take action and change for the better.  Learn how to apply Mindful Leadership skills in your life as a leader in order to ignite success.

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“WOW!  Building Balance and Reducing Stress through Mindfulness delivers!  This course provides, not only the skills to assist with recovery when circumstances put you off balance, but gives you the insight and tools to manage daily challenges with awareness.  FABULOUS!”


Senior Director, Medical Clinic Development

“I enrolled in one of the Mindfulness Leadership courses and it had such a positive impact on my approach to work. I use the tools he taught regularly and my meetings have more authentic participation and we get more done! Personally, I feel more grounded as I listen more and talk less so I get the best solutions from my team.  I highly recommend any professional take a mindfulness course with Optimistic Brain.”

Lorie F

Manager of Strategic Planning and Initiatives

Professional Association Accreditations

Of course our programs are designed for any professional.  However if you are a member of the following HR professional associations you can also claim them as qualifying for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits.

SHRM Accredited PDC Courses

We have many courses specially designed for the HR professional in the United States.  For a complete list of SHRM accredited professional development courses (PDCs) that allow you to claim PDC hours CLICK HERE.

HRPA Pre-Approved CPD Courses

We have many courses specially designed for the HR professional in Canada.  For a complete list of HRPA pre-approved continuing professional development (CPD) courses that allow you to claim CPD hours CLICK HERE.

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