The following is a Meditation that teaches you how to control your breathing and keep the breath rhythm steady and consistent.  Dr. Alan Watkins is a breathing expert.  He studies the breath and the various types of breathing.  He says that the most important thing we can do with our breath is to keep it steady.  When we focus on keeping the rhythm of our breathing steady, our heart and heart rate become more cohesive and regular.  This in turn keeps our blood flowing at a more regular pace to our brain.  This regular blood flow keeps our pre-frontal cortex (PFC) supplied with necessary oxygen.  The PFC is responsible for our awareness and clarity of thought.  When it works optimally, we remain more focused and our thinking is clear. 

This exercise is great to do when you are feeling like you are in a bit of a bubble.  When your head does not feel clear; when you think you are overly distracted.  Take a time out and breathe.  Note:  You can do this exercise while you are walking, talking, driving etc.

Micro Practice:  Follow these 3 breathing steps…

  1. Breathe and become present.
  2. Breathe and observe what is around you.
  3. Breathe and recognize that there is a challenge here and I will be OK.

Enjoy your day!

Rhythmic Breathing Meditation - 10 Minutes

by John Windisman | Optimistic Brain Meditations