Reduce Anxiety

A collection of Meditations to help reduce anxiety.

Many people suffer from anxiety.  There are skills that we can learn that help deal with life’s experiences.  We can get anxious about what is happening around us at any given moment.  We also can be anxious about the racing thoughts in our mind, emotions and body sensations.  As a result we grasp onto wanting to feel better and we try to prevent our unwanted emotions and body sensations. We cling onto trying to control what is happening around us in order to maintain equilibrium.

When we grasp and avert our experiences, tension gets generated.  Our emotions get exaggerated and they play out in our body in a heightened manner. We then become even more anxious.  The only way out of this grasping and averting is through ACCEPTANCE.  Accepting what is happening – especially when we have no control over what is happening.

In addition, whenever there is FEAR present (anxiety) that is an indication that TRUST is not present.  Fear becomes minimized when we build trust.  We need to build trust that we can handle what ever experiences come our way.  By building trust that we can handle experiencing the sensations present in our body our fear of our body goes away.  When we build trust that we have abilities to handle what comes our way.  When we build trust  that we can learn whatever we need to, in order to move forward, we no longer feat the future.

The following meditations help accept what is and build trust.


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