Build Trust

The following Meditation practices help us to build trust.

Building trust reduces our fears.  There are many types of trust but the essential category is trusting ourselves and our abilities.  When we trust ourselves we free ourselves from the limiting stories that prevent us from achieving our goals.  We may not have all the skills necessary in this moment to handle what comes our way but trusting that we can learn what we need to learn allows us to propel ourselves into the future with confidence.

Basic Skills Learned:

  • Present moment focused attention.
  • Accepting what IS with non-judgement.
  • Starting over is OK.
  • Practicing being kind and curious to our selves and our experiences.

Extended Skills Learned (based on different types of practices):

  • Love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, positive focus, optimistic re-framing of our stories, empathy etc…

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