4 Steps To Balance Program

What is the 4 Steps To Balance program?  It’s a series of modular lessons that starts by teaching you the skills needed in order to become more Mindful, Insightful, Compassionate and continues to teach you how to Optimistically Re-Frame your beliefs in order to bring balance into your life.

The program consists of 5 core modules plus a series of application modules that will teach you how to apply the skills learned in the core 4 Steps To Balance program.  We offer a range of 4 Steps To Balance program variations including:


  • Weekly Program Modules
  • 2 Full Day Programs
  • 1 Day Programs
  • Introductory Presentations
  • Meditation Hosting
  • Meditation Host Training


Improve Well-Being

Ignite Achievement

Find Meaning

Enhance Relationships

Increase Positive Emotions

Increase Engagement

Based On The Latest Science

The 4 Steps To Balance program is a comprehensive program that brings together the latest content from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience and Mindfulness Practices.

From Positive Psychology to Emotional Intelligence to the latest in Contemplative Science we gathered the most effective exercises and teachings and combined then in an easy to follow format.

4 Steps to Balance:  Core Modules


After the introduction module where we introduce the 4 Steps, teach you how your mind works and how your learn,  we start start your journey forward with this module.  We start with compassion because as we become aware of our experiences and our interpretations of those experiences we may not like what we uncover.  In order to become kinder and gentler to ourselves while we move forward, we need to develop the skill of self-compassion FIRST.  This allows for an open and kind mind to be our foundation.


Becoming more aware is the key to growth.  Paying attention to what is happening around us and within us allows us to start to uncover our beliefs.  These beliefs cause our emotions and those emotions play out in our bodies.

In this module, you will learn many exercises that will help you better understand what is really going on in your life.  We must know where we are in order to move to where we want to be.


Insight is all about knowing how we are interpreting our experiences. Our mind is always making assessments about what is going on around us and within us and it’s important to know what our narrative is.

Our beliefs cause our emotions and if we want to feel more balanced, it’s really important that we understand these beliefs.

In this module we will teach you many practices that will allow you to become more aware of all your beliefs; not just the obvious ones but the hidden ones.

Optimistic Re-Framing

This module will focus on expanding your skills to enable you to re-frame our beliefs to something more balanced and reasonable. When your beliefs are balanced your feelings are balanced. Balanced feelings allow you to make more balanced decisions and actions.

The science tells us that changing your beliefs are possible and we will introduce you to several practices and exercises to help you learn and implement this skill.

Applying the 4 Steps

Be a Better YOU !

There are many ways to apply the 4 steps To Balance program skills. The skills of awareness and understanding your beliefs allow you to re-frame your beliefs which leads to better decisions and actions. Better actions move us in the direction that is better for ourselves and others.

This module teaches us the skills needed to better manage ourselves by managing the root causes; our beliefs.

Achieving and Leading

Understanding ourselves allows us to understand others.

In this module you will learn what really motivates others and why compassion is the key motivator. You will also learn why empathy is critical in being a great leader and how to build the empathetic muscle.

Also in this module you will find out why great leaders encourage creativity and space to foster it. Finally you will learn how to switch from a failure mentality to one of feedback.

Communicate More Effectively

Most of us don’t really listen when talking to one another.  We spend time formulating an answer instead of listening completely and fully.  When we talk we don’t pay attention to how others are reacting.

In this module you will learn to apply your 4 Steps To Balance skills enabling you to communicate more effectively.

Unleash Creativity

Most of us don’t allow the time for our creativity to come out.  We are so busy doing we don’t spend the time “thinking” and letting inspiration to arise.  When we take that time, we are too quick to judge and dismiss our ideas.

In this module you will learn how apply the skills learned in the 4 Steps To Balance program and become more aware of your limiting beliefs that are strangling your ideas.  In addition you will learn how patience allows us to just be with our inspirational ideas in order to allow them to germinate and grow before we cast them aside.


Reduce Stress and Increase Well-being

We live in a very busy world.  Statistics tell us that we are all stressed out.  Reducing stress is a common need but just how do we reduce our stress?

In this module you will learn how to apply the skills learned in the core 4 Steps To Balance program that will allow you to identify stress when it first arises which is the key in managing the stories we tell ourselves.  Balanced stories balance our stress.  This module will teach you how to do just that.

You will also learn the 5 drivers for maintaining well-being and how to apply your new skills to keep you balanced and well.

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